Crocheted Clothes Pin Basket

The Crocheted Clothes Pin Basket:

Where Should You Keep Your Unused Clothes Pins?

Crocheting isn’t just a hobby; it’s a craft that brings warmth, creativity, and functionality to our lives. In the realm of practical crochet projects, the clothes pin basket stands out as a testament to both utility and charm. However, while the basket itself is a delightful addition to any laundry room or backyard, the question remains: where should you keep your unused clothes pins?

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Let’s unravel this debate and explore the various options for housing those tiny yet essential tools of the laundry trade.
The Laundry Room: A Traditional Haven

For many, the laundry room is the obvious choice for storing clothes pins. Tucked away on a hook or shelf, within arm’s reach of the washing line, they are readily available when needed. The convenience of this arrangement cannot be understated, offering a seamless transition from wash to line-dry.

Yet, the laundry room’s practicality may also pose limitations. Space constraints or aesthetic considerations might lead one to seek alternative locations for the clothes pin basket.

The Backyard Oasis: Embracing Nature

Picture this: a serene backyard scene, sunlight filtering through the leaves, a gentle breeze carrying the scent of freshly laundered linens. In such a setting, a crocheted clothes pin basket hanging from a tree branch or nestled on a garden bench adds rustic charm and whimsy.

However, exposure to the elements poses a risk to both basket and pins. Rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures can weather the crochet work and compromise the integrity of the clothes pins. While idyllic in theory, the backyard may not be the most practical choice for long-term storage.

The Utility Room: Embracing Efficiency

For those without a dedicated laundry space, the utility room emerges as a viable alternative. Here, the clothes pin basket can find refuge amidst cleaning supplies and household tools, blending seamlessly into its utilitarian surroundings.

The utility room offers the advantage of centralization, consolidating laundry-related items in one convenient location. Yet, the absence of a designated laundry area may detract from the basket’s visibility and accessibility.

The Multi-Purpose Approach: Thinking Outside the Basket

Why confine the clothes pin basket to conventional spaces? Consider the possibilities of integrating it into everyday decor. Hang it from a hook in the bathroom for a touch of vintage charm, or incorporate it into a crafting nook as a whimsical storage solution.

By reimagining the role of the clothes pin basket, we unlock its potential to enhance diverse living spaces while celebrating the artistry of crochet.

Crocheted Clothes Pin basket

Crocheted hanging basket



3,50 mm


Rows 1-9 = diameter 10 cm

finished size:

Circumference approx 55 cm/Height approx. 10 cm

Conclusion: Where Should You Keep Your Unused Clothes Pins?

In the debate over where to keep your unused clothes pins, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Each option presents unique advantages and challenges, influenced by individual preferences and lifestyle considerations.

Ultimately, the ideal location for your crocheted clothes pin basket is one that balances practicality with aesthetic appeal. Whether nestled in the laundry room, adorning a backyard oasis, or integrated into multi-purpose spaces, its presence serves as a testament to the art of crochet and the joy of functional design.

So, where will you keep your unused clothes pins? The choice is yours to crochet.


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Be amongst the first to learn about special offers and fun stuff about crochet happening here!

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