All patterns available free or paid are the property of Raven’s Crochet IVS.
Any downloads are for your personal use and may not be copied or redistributed in any form.
You should take personal credit for the product you create, so you are welcome to sell this, however please credit me as the designer of the pattern.
You may not advertise your product using any of my photographs – be proud of your efforts and show off your own talent.
I would love for my patterns to be available in all languages. If you wish to translate one, please contact me for permission.


If you wish to use any of my photographs, please contact me beforehand for permission. You are welcome to link to any page/post on my site, however I do reserve the right to unlink, if I find the connection irrelevant.
Any mention of either my blog or patterns on other sites should contain a link back to the original post.
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