Invisible Join

Invisible Join:

The great thing about using an invisible join is as the name of it implies – it is invisible… Almost. At least it barely shows, which is the main reason I often use this stitch instead of a slip stitch.

This example is shown worked in the round crocheting Half Double Crochet.

Step 1

Invisible Join – Step 1

Step 1:
Remove the loop from your hook and push the hook under the “V” towards you.







Invisible Join

Invisible Join – Step 2

Step 2:
Place the loop back on your hook and pull back through the “V”.







Invisible Join

Invisible Join – Step 3

Step 3:
Tighten your yarn in order to minimize the loop till it barely shows on the front of your work.







I have finished every row with this join, and as you can see on the last picture it is practically invisible!?

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