Bullion Stitch

Bullion Stitch:

A nice and simple way to achieve longer bullion stitches is to use a hair pin – just pull the legs a little apart and make sure your hook can move through.

Bullion Stitch - step 1

Step 1

Take your hook out off the loop and pull it through the stitch where your bullion stitch will be.
Put your hair pin inside the loop and twirl the yarn around it. Keep the yarn secure with your index finger.






Bullion Stitch - step 2

Step 2

Place the hair pin on the backside of your work with the arch just above the line. Yarn over hook and pull a long loop.

Remove your hook from the long loop and push it through the arch of the hair pin from the back towards you – place the long loop on the hook and pull back through as shown on picture.





Bullion Stitch - step 3

Step 3

Remove the hook and place your project on a flat surface.
Gently pull your hair pin with the longer loop through all the loops – You can help this along by using your fingers to move the loops off the hair pin.






Bullion Stitch - step 4

Step 4

Place the loop on your hook again. Tighten the yarn a little to get the desired height. Yarn over hook and pull through the loop.
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