Star Stitch

A Star Stitch is a beautiful stitch in any project!

You start with chaining 2 + 4
The first Star Stitch is worked by pulling a loop through 2., 3., 4., 5. and 6. chain from hook.
Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops – yarn over again and pull through 1 loop to close your star stitch.
The following Star Stitches are worked as follows:

Row 1

Star Stitch - the loops

Star Stitch – the loops

1. Pull a loop through the “eye” of the previous Star Stitch, the last loop of previous Star Stitch, the last stitch of previous Star Stitch + 2 following stitches.
Yarn over and pull hook through all 6 loops.






Star Stitch - finished

Star Stitch – finished

2. Yarn over and pull your hook through the loop to close off your Star Stitch.








Continue steps 1+2 till you reach the end of your row.

Row 2
Turn your work and chain 1 – work 2 Half Double Crochets into each eye finishing with 1 Half Double Crochet in last chain of the row.
Row 3
Turn your work and chain 3 – 1st Star Stitch is worked in 2. and 3. chain + 3 next Half Double Crochets – continue steps 1+2 till your reach the end of your row.

Switch between rows 2 and 3 till you have the desired length.

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