Homemade is heart made

Homemade & Heartmade

Whenever friends or family invite me to their birthdays, anniversaries or just a cozy dinner, I always wonder, if they will prefer a bought present or something homemade. Even though the receivers always express joy when opening their presents, I am so anxious up until that moment - What if the colour is wrong or [...]

Crocheted cup sleeve

Cozy up with a hot drink

Why do we need cup sleeves? For some reason cups and mugs no longer have handles. And thus if the cups are not made of thermal porcelain, I just end up with burnt finger tips instead of a burnt tongue... Ouch either way?! As much as I do love the design, it is rather painful, so luckily [...]

Dish cloth

Wiping made green

Taking responsibility Admittedly I have never thought much about how much plastic we use in our everyday lives, but lately it has become a concern of mine, and I believe every little step matters even though it may not change the world dramatically. I have long tried to minimize the amount of polyester and acrylics [...]