Long time no see…

I cannot believe it is already November - this year has passed by so quickly and some amazing things have happened though I am sad to say that it took away my focus from my blog... So what happened!? I actually got a job - but not just any job... as a technical crocheter for [...]

Cotton Pads

Crocheted Cotton Pads

I cannot remember how often I have stood in my bathroom in the evening ready to remove my make-up just to find that I ... AGAIN... had forgotten to buy more cotton pads!? I write this in past tense, because I have replaced them with my own crocheted ones - YAY!! I came across a [...]

Raven's Crochet

More Woolly Wonders

No doubt the weather at the moment is a key inspiration for my projects!? Being a huge fan of all colours I have never understood why we in these dark months dress to match! Granted I too own a black winter coat. That is also why I love making Winter accessorizes with either a little bit [...]

Raven's Crochet Blog

Warm & Woolly

The past couple of months I have focused on finalizing what I call my "Warm & Woolly" collection - I still have a few more to go, but the crochet patterns available at the moment should keep your legs, hands and ears warm during Autumn/Winter. Crocheted Leg Warmers - materials I cannot help but smile [...]

Colourful cushions

The right shade of...? Even though I love colours I am always reluctant to paint my walls in other colours than white. Instead I like to decorate my home with colourful items that can easily be replaced... such as cushions. Cushions are a great way of introducing a little bit of fun and imagination. First of [...]