Second Advent

Second Sunday of Advent Treat

We are halfway through the Sundays - are you in the Christmas mood yet? Whether you are into Colorful Cushions or a nice Pouf for your feet, this Sunday's treat is a 20% discount on all patterns in my Home Decor Section . Add this coupon code to your purchase ADVENT20 (available till Saturday) Need [...]

Long time no see…

I cannot believe it is already November - this year has passed by so quickly and some amazing things have happened though I am sad to say that it took away my focus from my blog... So what happened!? I actually got a job - but not just any job... as a technical crocheter for [...]

Homemade is heart made

Homemade & Heartmade

Whenever friends or family invite me to their birthdays, anniversaries or just a cozy dinner, I always wonder, if they will prefer a bought present or something homemade. Even though the receivers always express joy when opening their presents, I am so anxious up until that moment - What if the colour is wrong or [...]

Colourful cushions

The right shade of...? Even though I love colours I am always reluctant to paint my walls in other colours than white. Instead I like to decorate my home with colourful items that can easily be replaced... such as cushions. Cushions are a great way of introducing a little bit of fun and imagination. First of [...]

DIY homedecor

DIY home decor

A pot from IKEA, a glass jar and some yarn are the ingredients in this DIY home decor project. A pot should not necessarily be the focus point - it should of course be the plant. But that does not mean it has to be bland either. I believe that by using natural colours a [...]

Fruit loops

Shopping locally or online?? There are pro's and con's to both shopping locally and online. I do love to support local businesses and the service is always great. You get to see the actual colour of the yarn and feel the softness before purchase. This is of course not possible with an online purchase. However [...]

Work in Progress


the box Now that I had a place for my brushes etc. I felt that some of my other toiletry products needed new quarters as well. So I ventured out in making a box using the same principles as with the cylinder. This time I started by chaining 11 and worked two rounds without the [...]

Working on the bottom

How to tame twine

One wrong turn can make it right For some reason I found myself in the handyman aisle of the supermarket one day - Among all the strange tools I founds these balls of twine and I immediately thought “I can crochet something out of this” !? Unfortunately the twine turned out to be too inflexible [...]