Cotton Pads

Crocheted Cotton Pads

I cannot remember how often I have stood in my bathroom in the evening ready to remove my make-up just to find that I ... AGAIN... had forgotten to buy more cotton pads!? I write this in past tense, because I have replaced them with my own crocheted ones - YAY!! I came across a [...]

Raven's Crochet

More Woolly Wonders

No doubt the weather at the moment is a key inspiration for my projects!? Being a huge fan of all colours I have never understood why we in these dark months dress to match! Granted I too own a black winter coat. That is also why I love making Winter accessorizes with either a little bit [...]

Raven's Crochet Blog

Warm & Woolly

The past couple of months I have focused on finalizing what I call my "Warm & Woolly" collection - I still have a few more to go, but the crochet patterns available at the moment should keep your legs, hands and ears warm during Autumn/Winter. Crocheted Leg Warmers - materials I cannot help but smile [...]

Homemade is heart made

Homemade & Heartmade

Whenever friends or family invite me to their birthdays, anniversaries or just a cozy dinner, I always wonder, if they will prefer a bought present or something homemade. Even though the receivers always express joy when opening their presents, I am so anxious up until that moment - What if the colour is wrong or [...]

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

To freeze or not to freeze... Do you know those times, when it is too warm to wear a fully covered glove or mitten but too cold not to wear anything at all? This is where the fingerless gloves come in handy... an added bonus is that you are able to use your smartphone without [...]


From UFO to poncho

UFO = Unfinished Object Once upon a time I decided to crochet a blanket in granny squares. For some unknown reason it laid half-finished in the back of my closet. To this day I still do not know why I never finished - the colours were beautiful and the yarn oh so soft. So as [...]