Raven's Crochet

More Woolly Wonders

No doubt the weather at the moment is a key inspiration for my projects!?
Being a huge fan of all colours I have never understood why we in these dark months dress to match! Granted I too own a black winter coat.
That is also why I love making Winter accessorizes with either a little bit of sparkle or in some bright colours, and now is definitely the time for crocheted hats.
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Homemade is heart made

Homemade & Heartmade

Whenever friends or family invite me to their birthdays, anniversaries or just a cozy dinner, I always wonder, if they will prefer a bought present or something homemade.
Even though the receivers always express joy when opening their presents, I am so anxious up until that moment – What if the colour is wrong or the pattern or they simply do not like whatever I have made. Continue reading

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

To freeze or not to freeze…

Do you know those times, when it is too warm to wear a fully covered glove or mitten but too cold not to wear anything at all?
This is where the fingerless gloves come in handy… an added bonus is that you are able to use your smartphone without removing the glove first!?
I am an avid bicyclist… However often in the mornings it is still a little brisk, so I was very happy once I finished these fingerless gloves.

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Piecing the puzzle

Flower Power

Do you remember Nokia 3310??

I loved this phone and all the fun covers you could buy for it – my favourite one was in gold and had the texture of snake skin.. Needless to say I have changed style since then.
Today you can also buy great covers for mobile phones adding a little personality… and also not to mistakenly grab your friend’s phone from the table after an afternoon of coffee & chatting – we all seem to carry the same brand

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