DIY homedecor

DIY home decor

A pot from IKEA, a glass jar and some yarn are the ingredients in this DIY home decor project.
A pot should not necessarily be the focus point – it should of course be the plant. But that does not mean it has to be bland either. I believe that by using natural colours a little cover will actually enhance the plant.
If also you have different coloured pots that do not match, this would be a great way of unifying the colour scheme.

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Piecing the puzzle

Flower Power

Do you remember Nokia 3310??

I loved this phone and all the fun covers you could buy for it – my favourite one was in gold and had the texture of snake skin.. Needless to say I have changed style since then.
Today you can also buy great covers for mobile phones adding a little personality… and also not to mistakenly grab your friend’s phone from the table after an afternoon of coffee & chatting – we all seem to carry the same brand

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