Back Post Crochet (BP)

Back Post Crochet:

Back Post Crochet can be any of the basic stitches such as Single Crochet or Double Crochet – for these two the abbreviations will be BPSC and BPDC.

Back Post Double Crochet

Back Post Double Crochet

Begin your stitch as any other basic stitch ie. Double Crochet – yarn over hook before inserting your hook.

You insert the hook from the back – underneath the “V” – move over and around the stitch from the previous round – and out back again. Yarn over hook and lead it back through, finishing as you would a regular crochet stitch.




Crocheted Slippers

Crocheted Slippers Pattern

I have a pattern available for crocheted slippers using this stitch. Please click on the image for more information.







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