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My name is Camilla and I am the hands behind Raven’s Crochet. My big dream with Raven’s Crochet is to share the joy of crocheting and enable everyone interested to master this exciting and inspiring craft!
I was born and raised in Denmark and my interest for crafting came in such a young age that I cannot even remember not loving this. Certain memories will never be forgotten like when my great grandmother taught me how to fold a rose out of silk paper and when at the age of 6 or 7 I watched in awe as my 10 year older cousin knitted a scarf. She kindly enough let me have the needles and pretended to believe me when I proudly told her  that I was making holes by dropping the loops.

My grandmother knitted a nightie for me that went all the way down to my feet, and I wore this till it only came to my knees – I loved it so! She refuses to make one today claiming I am too tall (I am only 1,68m!?!). She also knitted the most wonderful socks and continues to do so even today. There are always at least 3 whole pairs in my drawer and on cold winter days they help keep me warm along with hot chocolate…

In my pre-teens my mother and I knitted a sweater with a fantastic pattern including so many beautiful colours – now I still believe we did the work 50-50, but in all honesty my mother probably made the sweater herself. Later in my teens I discovered crocheting and I was amazed by the intricate things one can create with a single hook and loop. Since then I have been crocheting away and now I have ventured into the world of pattern design.
I really hope that you will enjoy Raven’s Crochet!

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