Cotton Pads

Crocheted Cotton Pads

I cannot remember how often I have stood in my bathroom in the evening ready to remove my make-up just to find that I … AGAIN… had forgotten to buy more cotton pads!?
I write this in past tense, because I have replaced them with my own crocheted ones – YAY!!

I came across a yarn blend of 50% linen, 36% cotton & 14% natural silk. The brand is Rosariós4 and the name of the yarn is Príncipe Real.
Not only are they prettier, but also with the linen in the blend, I feel that I get a light exfoliation, which I love.
Please bare in mind that I am not a dermatologist – this is only my personal opinion.

If you too wish to replace your cotton pads with your own OR maybe you are in need of a quick gift, you can find the instructions below.

Crocheted Cotton Pads:


Homemade Cotton Pads

Homemade Cotton Pads

Magic Circle
Single Crochet (SC)
Knit Stitch (KS)
Increasing (INC2)
Invisible Join
Crab Stitch


Hook: 4mm
Yarn: Any cotton or cotton blend for above hook size  – has a wonderful variety of yarns
Finished Size: Diameter 6cm


Begin with a Magic Circle + 6 SC
1.: *INC2 KS in each SC* – repeat 6 times (12)
2.: *INC2 KS, 1 KS* – repeat 6 times (18)
3.: *1 KS, INC2 KS, 1 KS* – repeat 6 times (24)
4.: *INC2 KS, 3 KS* – repeat 6 times (30)
5.: *2 KS, INC2 KS, 2 KS* – repeat 6 times (36)
Finish with an invisible join
Chain 1 and work crab stitches around

Cut the yarn, pull through and mend the ends

Till next time – happy hookin’

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