How to personalize your flip flops

Create your own unique pair of flip flops

Todays post is all about a quick and fun project, so you can spice up your flip flops.
What you need:
A pair of flip flops
1 ball of yarn
+ matching size hook

I used “Rosários4 For Nature Print” or try THIS YARN and a 3,5mm hook from Brittany Hooks



Working around the bands:

Make a slip knot and place the loop around your hook.
Place your hook on top of the band as close to the beginning as you can and now work SCs all the way to the middle.
As it is not possible to move your hook around the bands without getting uneven stitches, use your other hand to place the yarn around your hook – two loops on hook.
Place your yarn around the hook and pull through both loops.
Push the stitches close together, so at the end you can spread the stitches out and the band will still be completely covered.
Once you reach the middle continue in the same manner up the other band.

Working the bands

Working the bands


Depending on how big a flower you wish to make chain4+1 and follow below diagram – finish with a slip stitch in last chain:
Crocheted flowers

Either crochet or sew the chain together in a spiral starting with the inner petal of the flower.

Crocheted flowers

Crocheted flowers

After that sew the flowers onto any part of your flip flop.

You can also crochet stars or include beads in this project – the main object is to have fun with it and in the end have a pair of unique flip flops.

You are welcome to read my post from last year regarding these FLIP FLOPs.

I look forward to seeing all your fabulous designs.

Till next time – happy hookin’

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