DIY homedecor

DIY home decor

A pot from IKEA, a glass jar and some yarn are the ingredients in this DIY home decor project.
A pot should not necessarily be the focus point – it should of course be the plant. But that does not mean it has to be bland either. I believe that by using natural colours a little cover will actually enhance the plant.
If also you have different coloured pots that do not match, this would be a great way of unifying the colour scheme.

Crocheted weave

This weave basically consist of chains and double crochets. You start with a chain in colour A and continue to the first row where you switch between chains and double crochets. Then you make a chain in colour B – weave this in “the holes” of your work and now crochet chains and double crochets. You switch between doing double crochets from the front and back of the part in colour A. Once you reach the end you change to colour A and do exactly the same.
the tricky part was to increase as I worked my way up, but I managed and you can hardly see it. I used untreated linen and fine lace thread – I really love the combination of the rough and delicate materials.

DIY pot sleeve

DIY pot

In knots

With the jar I made a base of single crochets and then worked my way up the sides crocheting Salomons Knot. When the candle is lit I just think it looks so romantic – even my little happy Buddha smiles…

DIY homedecor

DIY homedecor

It is very difficult to imagine that this jar once contained pickles!?
For this I used Japanese cotton, which I have found works beautiful with all sorts of net patterns. Furthermore it is possible to crochet with it in different hook sizes. I have used both a 3,5mm and a 1mm hook.
It has quickly become one of my favourite yarns – What is yours?

Till next time – happy hookin’

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