Crocheted pouf in frontpost double crochet

Crochet your own pouf in virgin wool

Normally I get an idea and then decide on the yarn to use. However with both the basket and this pouf it was the opposite.
While grocery shopping I found this 100% wool yarn on sale, so I thought “why not” and bought 8 balls?! Coming home I knew, it would need to be a bigger project for two reasons; 1 – it crochets up on an 8mm hook and  2 – I had bought so much of it…

Crochet with virgin wool

Virgin wool and my 8mm hook

In our home we often need an extra seat around the coffee table or a nice place to rest our feet, so a crocheted pouf would be ideal. Besides being very useful the structure in the yarn also adds some coziness in our living room.
A little tip: If you want to add a little extra texture to a project, the front post double crochet does the trick.

Crochet is the “funner” DIY

I have recently given my sewing machine to a charity shop, as I hardly ever used it. Now I really miss it, because this meant I had to sew the inner pillow for the stuffing by hand. It is definitely not one of my finer skills, but as long as they are functional, I am happy. Essentially they just need to keep the stuffing from spilling out of the seams.
When the inner pillow was placed inside the pouf just eight rows from being finished, I really felt like doing a workout – I sat in a very awkward position with the pouf in my lap and my arms high above in order to reach the hole I was slowly increasing. So who says you need to be a member of a health club to work-out… Just grab a big hook and crochet or knit away.

Crocheted pouf in frontpost double crochet

Finished pouf

Now I will sit comfortable in my chair with my feet on my pouf and crochet something with a slightly smaller hook…

Get the pattern HERE

Till next time – happy hookin’

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