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Scrap yarn & Japanese cotton

In case you haven’t noticed, I do like to find multiple purposes for my yarns.
I had once purchased some Japanese cotton just because I loved the texture of it. Unfortunately none of my ideas worked, so it has been lying in my stash for quite some time.

After finishing my gym bag there was some yarn left still, so I thought I could combine the two and create a shopping net.
Do you see a theme here?! – I do not like wasting plastic so this could replace buying plastic bags at the supermarket…

Fishy stitches

By using double crochets in my cotton yarn I could easily make a solid base. I was however anxiously waiting  to discover, whether the Japanese cotton would work this time.
I had not been lucky with this cotton previously crocheting the jasmine star stitch nor double crochets – somehow it never looked right. However the Japanese cotton turned out to be perfect for fish net crochet – I added picots… just to give it a prettier look.
If you want to try working with Japanese cotton as well, you can buy it online here

Fish net in Japanese cotton

Fish net in Japanese cotton

Conclusion – it’s all good…

After I had worked my way up, I changed back to the cotton to finish off with the net straps. It was super important for me that these could hold, especially when the bag would be full of groceries.
After having used it many times the conclusion is – it does!!! The straps do give a little under the weight. They do not however feel strained on my shoulder nor does the net slouch down to my knees.
The only downside to this shopping bag, is that my better half will not carry it… Maybe I should make him one in blue as a Christmas present?!

Shoppingnet Japanese cotton

Get the pattern HERE

This will be my last post before the holidays, so…  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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