Crocheted cup sleeve

Cozy up with a hot drink

Why do we need cup sleeves?

For some reason cups and mugs no longer have handles. And thus if the cups are not made of thermal porcelain, I just end up with burnt finger tips instead of a burnt tongue… Ouch either way?!

As much as I do love the design, it is rather painful, so luckily we can buy cup sleeves. OR… We can make our own crocheted cup sleeves!?
This way it is possible to enjoy a hot drink before it cools down too much.

Introducing beads

I recently purchased some organic linen which had a rough look to it. I thought adding some beads would act as a great counterpart due to their shimmering look.
When using beads one really needs to know exactly how many to use, as you add these to the string before crocheting. So too many means you will need to push these throughout the entire project; too few means you will have to frog your work in order to add more.
This was also the case with my crocheted cup sleeve?!



Crocheted cup sleeve

I made my little string of hearts, and added some volume with double crochets – by only working in the back loops a little extra structure was added… and of course I finished with an edge made of crab stitches.
I really love how the stitches come across in the linen – the expression would be completely different had it been made in lace thread… but that I will definitely try one day too.

Finished sleeve

Enjoying a cup of coffee without burning my fingers

So I hope you will give beads a try and incorporate them in your crochet projects – please do share and now I will go make myself a cup of coffee…

Till next time – happy hookin’

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