Dish cloth

Wiping made green

Taking responsibility

Admittedly I have never thought much about how much plastic we use in our everyday lives, but lately it has become a concern of mine, and I believe every little step matters even though it may not change the world dramatically.

I have long tried to minimize the amount of polyester and acrylics in my clothing, but never gave my kitchen utilities much thought, till one day I realized that I buy and dispose of my dish clothes fairly quickly.

It was then I decided to make my own dishcloths because 1) it would reduce the amount of plastic going down the drain and 2) well they are just much prettier than the disposable ones and I can choose a colour to match my kitchen… I cannot see a downside to this!?

Dish cloth

Rosários 4 – for nature

Going green also means using organic cotton. I have worked with Rosários 4’s yarn many times, and the reason, why this is quickly becoming one of my favourites, is that the threads have been weaved in a way so that the yarn does not fray while crocheting.

The stitch

It was important for me to do the dishcloth in a stitch that would not be too thick nor too loose so I found that the moss stitch would be perfect for this project.

Dish cloth

Dish cloth

The moss stitch is quite simple and consists of half double crochets and slip stitches – combined they give a great texture for a dishcloth.
Still now the dishcloths look beautiful in my kitchen and they have proved to be very durable.

Till next time – happy hookin’

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