Working on the bottom

How to tame twine

One wrong turn can make it right

For some reason I found myself in the handyman aisle of the supermarket one day – Among all the strange tools I founds these balls of twine and I immediately thought “I can crochet something out of this” !?

Unfortunately the twine turned out to be too inflexible and I could not even make the loops to get started… Thus I put it away as a mis-purchase.
Then one day as I was lying on the beach catching some necessary rays it struck me… What if I crochet around the twine instead??!! All of a sudden I could not wait to leave the beach and get started. However my friend kindly told me to enjoy this day – the twine and yarn would still be there in the evening, but the sun would not!

Crocheting with twine

Once settled in my sofa with my yarn, hook AND twine at hand I started. I thought “keep the stitches simple as the twine will add to the texture” I started with a magic circle without the twine but added it to the second round – and guess what?? The twine worked with me… it laid it’s before inflexible thread smoothly along my loops and so I continued switching between single crochets and chains adding stitches each round till my work had the diameter I wanted for the cylinder.

Working on the bottom

Working on the bottom

As I worked on upwards, I thought this would look lovely in my bathroom. It had a crisp serenity to it due to the texture and the natural colour scheme. With this in mind it was clear to me that I could no longer live without a place to store my make-up brushes, eyeliner, lipliner and what else we girls have acquired throughout the years!?

I heart twine

I cut the twine before the last round,  and created a heart edge.
By using the spike stitch for the bottom part and double crochets for the roundings my hearts started to show.



The cylinder was a bit uneven as I had not kept the same grip on the twine throughout the process. However by bending  it this way and that,  it became a bit more even… I do like that it is a bit quirky anyway.

There was still some yarn and twine left, so I decided to make a matching box.

Till next time – happy hookin’

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