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The past couple of months I have focused on finalizing what I call my “Warm & Woolly” collection – I still have a few more to go, but the crochet patterns available at the moment should keep your legs, hands and ears warm during Autumn/Winter.

Crocheted Leg Warmers – materials

Crocheted Legwarmers

Crocheted Legwarmers

I cannot help but smile when I see these – partly because the colours look like my favourite ice cream growing up.
– And can you believe… they are both made out of one single ball of yarn!!!
I have used Juniper Moon Farm Findlay/Colour Dappled and if they do not have it in your local yarn shop, you can also buy it HERE.
It is amazingly soft and so easy to work with.



Crocheted Fingerless Mittens/Messy Bun Hat – Materials

Crocheted Fingerless Mittens

Crocheted Fingerless Mittens

I am so fortunate to have access to a wonderful yarn brand named Rosários4, and if you are too, I can highly recommend any type of yarn from this. Both the mittens and the messy bun hat are made of Rosaries4 Divinus/Colour 39. It is mainly wool, but there is a little string of silver weaved into it that adds some sparkle.
A great alternative could be THIS yarn from Rico – it comes in a great variety of beautiful soft colours.


Crocheted Bubble Hat – Materials

Crocheted Bubble Hat

Crocheted Bubble Hat

This cutie was my very first project as a pattern designer. It involved a massive amount of crocheting, frogging, writing and rewriting. Once I had cut the yarn, I was really excited about the outcome, but still a little unsure… Should I have it in just one colour? Should I include more flowers or none? Should I?!… Should I?!
I am very fond of colours and especially any shade of pink, so yes it is exactly as it should be!!
For this you will need 100% wool yarn and Cascade Yarns offers a wonderful palette of colours, so you can really go crazy and make it your own.

Thank you SO much for reading and I hope you are now ready to create some warm & woolly projects.

Till next time – happy hookin’

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